Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Help Save Arrowmont

I just spoke to Chuck McMahon at Arrowmont and he confirmed the rumor that Pi Beta Phi is pursuing a deal to sell the Arrowmont property to a developer this fall. Arrowmont sits on about 72 acres of Gatlinburg real estate that may be worth as much as 2 million per acre. The Arrowmont folks were informed of this last week and Chuck has asked that we spread the word. He has also asked that we sign this petition and pass it on. I think there is an Arrowmont Board meeting Friday and they want to get as many signatures as possible by then. Please send the petition link to anyone who may be interested in signing it.

Arrowmont is trying to put their best face on this, but they need some help.

From Chuck:

Below is a link to a petition that was started to help save Arrowmont. Please let you voice be heard and show your support for the school. There are many unknowns at the moment and we don't have a lot of answers but if you have not already shown your support please consider it. Your voice is very important to the future of the school. Please send this message to everyone you know we are trying to gather as many signatures as possible before Friday the 22nd. Thank you! - Chuck


savearrowmont said...

Please visit the Save Arrowmont website:


Concerned citizens and artisans are attempting to organize

DelorumRex said...

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