Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kiln Building

Check out the kiln we just built at this weekend's workshop! Pretty nice for two days of work! We had a great crew!

Now getting ready for the Oil Spot Workshop,

John Britt


Lee said...


John Britt said...


It is sweet! And if you believe it we got the chimney in and flashed tool as well as the scratch coat of mud.

Always amazes me. Third one we did this way. Can't wait for the train,

John Britt

nora said...

That's the bomb! Wish Marlow and I could have seen that one go up.

John Britt said...


Maybe next time!?

It was really fun with you and Sue here together,

John Britt

tsbroome said...

John, I had the greatest time building this kiln. Check out my blog this week for photos from the weekend. I'll do it over a few days so as not to overload my blog all at once.I have a friend giving me cinder blocks this week for the foundation, so I will start on that next week hopefully. You are THE BEST!

John Britt said...

Let's get'er done!