Wednesday, August 13, 2008

You Want a Piece of This?!

Former President and Biaiche Emily "The Wrong" Reason, had fighting words for the new Lifetime President John "The Big Cigar" Feralazzo.

But really, Clay Club was d'bomb! 28 hommies and home brew to boot.

Thanks again to John Ferlazzo and Amy for all the food prep!

Stay tuned for next month,

John Britt


Clay Club said...

Thanks for an awesome clay club!
Kline had a great idea for next time- tool swap
bring tools you never use and we'll swap 'em around. What do y'all think? Should we also post the minutes from the meeting? Like, what was the date of the soda firing? Nov what? What else... Lisa let down her hair, Joy was spread, Evan had a lot of sugar, Mark was googling someone's ass.
Peace out y'all

John Britt said...


Post the minutes. Sounds like a good idea for a tool swap. How about a cup and tool swap? That way we can have Hard Cider at the cool September meeting.

John Britt

Michael Kline said...

Three cheers for Ferlazzo and his clubhouse. I laughed till I cried but mostly bitched and moaned about my contracting woes. I'm over it, but thanks for listening, you know who you are...

Michael Kline said...

Maybe we could have the minutes posted, but maybe a video would be more interesting.

Joy Tanner said...

everyone needs a lil' joy!
poor emily hadn't even made it back to the madison county line before her pictures were posted all over the internet! poor president...

Kyle Carpenter said...

how do i join this "clay club?"
word is on the street that there's someth'n special going on. special, huh. i like special.

Michael Kline said...

Kyle:::>>>e mail pres. emily reason and she will sign you up