Sunday, August 17, 2008

Way to Go John Britt

Not only is John Britt leading glaze expert at the Brittstitution but he also made the top 10 Clayart list of books! Here's a partial listing,
Author Title votes
Rhodes, Daniel & Hopper, Robin Clay and Glazes for the Potter 26
Hamer, Frank & Janet Hamer Potter’s Dictionary of Materials and Techniques 22
Hesselberth, John & Roy, Ron Mastering Cone 6 Glazes 19
Cardew, Michael Pioneer Pottery 15
Pitelka, Vince Clay, A Studio Handbook 15
Hopper, Robin The Ceramic Spectrum 14
Hopper, Robin Functional Pottery 13
Britt, John High Fire Glazes 12
Olsen, Frederick L. The Kiln Book 12
nothing but the best, later for the garbage...

For the complete list click here.


Michael Kline said...

John, I failed to mention that your new sign is KICKIN'


Clay Club said...

Way to go! does this increase the value of my autographed copy?

Michael Kline said...

Only if its covered in dust...Wow, Amazon is sold out!

Hey John can I borrow some cash to finish my shop?

John Britt said...


Only if you are poor,