Monday, November 30, 2009

Best stop on the TRAC TOUR


Anyone headed out on the TRAC TOUR this weekend be sure to stop by the BEST STUDIO ever!

John Britt's Studio will have :

Joy Tanner;

Will Baker;

Susan Feagan _ no explaination necessary!

and Rodney Hopkins;

We will have home made chocolate truffles, cider and other assorted goodies as well as throwing demos and more!

Don't waste your time going to other studios! Hit the best first and if you have time...well......maybe check out some other Penland Potters:
John Britt


Michael Kline said...

You guys are the best. I've decided that I should just throw in the towel, because I'll never be as good as you already are at such a young age. I give up. Just come by and pick up any equipment an/or materials that you might need to make more of your amazing artwork. I won't need it.

I've contacted google, tomtom, et. al. to direct anyone who inputs my address into their GPS machines to your studio!

Can I come by for an interview so I can post on my blog? That would be great! Thanks for showing me to the door that leads to my next career (or series of unfulfilled attempts at careers), whatever they may be.

John Britt said...


Of course, you are right to see these young upstarts as the future of ceramics, but in fact, they are the old ones (around 30 and up).

The real whipper snappers are the 25 - 30 year olds! Holy out!

Better start taking your Geritol (and if you know what that is...welcome to the AARP),


Creating unique ideas said...

lol! i love you Jhon! your so funny!

John Britt said...


Can we come by today to get your shit?