Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pizzart in Spruce Pine

Hey Everyone in the Mitchell County area.....

Jen and Chad have purchased the Pizzart -Beer and Pizza store in Spruce Pine. So please go there and buy pizza and beer. Let's help them make this a go!

if you are a craftsperson in the area, then you know Katey Schultz, who is one of the most prolific crafts writer on earth and I am sure that you have read her articles in Ceramics Monthly, Art and Perception, etc.

She had written an article on about every craftsperson in the area guys should go to the Pizzart and buy pizza and then give Katey a huge tip a she is leaving for a residency soon and she will need cash !

This is no joke!

Go give Katey a big tip!!!

John Britt

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