Thursday, April 7, 2011

Looking for studio space in exchange for work

Hello all,

I recently moved to Asheville and have been searching for a place where I could volunteer (loading kiln, cleaning, helping during open studio) in exchange for using ceramic studio space at certain times of the week. 

I began doing wheel pottery a few years back but haven't been in a place to continue it as a hobby until now.  I know that Odyssey offers membership to community members, but their prices are more than I can pay in my current state of underemployment, so in the mean time I'd love to help out a local potter in exchange for occasional use of studio space and kiln. 

I have some chronic back problems, so I couldn't do lots of heavy lifting and I probably wouldn't want to do wheel work more than twice a week.  If anyone is looking for some help in their studio and has times of the week when I could do some of my own amateur work (bowls, mugs, plates), please be in touch!

Sarah Gibson


Marian Parkes said...

You might want to look in to the Sally Jones Pottery in Montreat (not far from Black Mountain). I believe it's a place where you can go for free and just pay for materials used, etc. That may not be the exact deal, but it's certainly reasonable.

Info here:

Oy Clay !!! Pottery said...

Looking for someone to help ariound the studio in exchange for studio time. Sounds like a fit. Sent you an email. Call if yoiu are still looking.