Wednesday, April 11, 2012

American Potter's Oral History Project

The American potter's oral history project

This project will video record interviews of significant American ceramic artists and teachers with the result being an ongoing guide for future ceramic artists.

To this end, I have self-funded the project through the purchase of high-level video and sound recording equipment and editing software.   My intent is to invite input from the potters’ community to provide me with direction as to who should be interviewed.  

What I am asking for is your input on those potters/teachers who you would consider “significant”.  Your list can be as long or short as you like.  Please provide the individual’s name and any contact information if you have it (email, phone, and mailing address).  If you do not have any contact info, please send me names anyway.

My intention is to secure the support of a lasting organization that will keep these interviews available to the public for the future.  I will put up a survey form for you to vote at some point in the future.

Email address:    

Thank you, Terry Rorison - a potter in Pittsburgh, PA


Link to Oral (written) histories of American Potters at the Smithsonian:

Interviews with some Western Pennsylvanian potters

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