Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ware Carts FOR SALE SOLD!!!!!

I have about 20 ware carts that are in my way and I'd like to sell. These carts are good shape and well built. The carts are made with 1 inch square tubing and angle iron for shelf supports. They are about 6 ft. tall and use a 24 by 24 inch ware board or two 12 by 24 ware boards. The shelf brackets are spaced about 6 inches apart. The wheels have two fixed and two swivel. I will sell then for 25.00 ea. pick up only. The carts are located in Mt. Airy NC.

Anyone interested can contact me by email  //////SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Sterling VanDerwerker said...

I bought one last night. Great value and sure was a nice visit with Gene. He is VERY TALENTED. Beautiful Iron Red glaze and baskets (ceramic).

Sterling VanDerwerker said...

Just drove up to get one last night. Excellent value.

Even better a great visit to meet Gene. Very talented potter with some great Iron Red and Ash glaze and forms. Specially nice baskets...