Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fantastic Clay Club Last Night

Once again we had a FANTASTIC Clay Club meeting last night. It is always a pleasant surprise when potters get together to eat, drink an share ideas.

We meet at Alex Matisse's Studio in Mars Hill, NC. He has done a lot of work since our last visit. Larger studio, new show room which is almost done, etc.

We did find out some dirt on Alex which is what I will start with:

You will notice the paper bowls!!!! that he served his Great Chili in. (Watch out Kurt - next Chili cook -off winner??!!)

Anyway - did I say PAPER BOWLS!  Shame on you Alex. ;-)

We sat around and discussed Alex's power struggle with the cat and how he was losing that battle but we did give suggestions on how to take the fight to a whole nother level. But then we looked at some pots:

Then we wen to the studio for a glazing demo and a throwing demo.

I will post some video later today.

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