Monday, November 5, 2012

Looking old

I was working on some tea bowls and trying to make them look a bit old and so pulled out some bisque I had on the shelf but it was all porcelain so I thought I should make the body look dark. 

I decided to make up some terra sig. and see how that worked. So I took some two kinds of clay, Laterite and Newman Fireclay, and ball mill them for two hours since they were pretty coarse.  Then I deflocculated them and sieved them. Then painted them on and glazed over with:

Ice, Ice Baby cone 10 reduction
54.82  Nepheline Syenite
29.90  Custer Feldspar
  4.98  Talc 
  4.32  Bone Ash
  1.99  Frit 3134
  3.99  EPK

I will try to add 70 Laterite/30 Nepheline syenite or 70 Newman/30 Nepheline Syenite to make them adhere better but for now it looked nice where the glaze crawled and pulled the slip away.

I, then, painted on India Ink to go into the crackles.


Unknown said...

Beautiful! Very nice lighting enviornment too! looks like a big diffused light source...?

John Britt said...

Just the usual:

Diane Puckett said...

You are purposely making glaze to crawl while here I am trying to get one to stop doing so. One of us is crazy. Well, maybe both of us.

John Britt said...

I know I am crazy - just not every else know that!