Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pottery Equipment FOR SALE!! 2012

All new and never used!!!!

 $190.00 HT200 Digital Pyrometer. Instant and accurate temperature readings in Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Maximum temperature: 2498°F. Dual inputs.Powered by 9 volt battery. 5" Thermocouple Type K Thermocouple with 7 ft of extra wire.

$170.00 MR750 Raku Burner System Venturi burners, gas cock, 12ft-350psi hose, 0-30 psi adjustable regulator, 0-30 psi gauge, and POL tank adapter with hand wheel. 1-8 PSI.

$75.00 40Lb LP DOT OPD Propane tank

$1200.00 7 Cubic Foot, 3” Ins. Brick, Clay-King Michaelangelo  Kiln Manufactured by L&L Kiln,  240 Volt single phase, 47 amps, 11,280 Watts, Max Temp 2360 degrees F with Bartlett Model V6-CF Series 700 12 Button Controller original cost $1477.00

Michelangelo II Kiln

$38.00 Shimpo BW-22L Banding Wheel

SOLD********************** $75.00 TBB 2610T Adam Triple Beam Balance, Capacity 2,610g (with tare), Readability 0.1g


TBB - Triple Beam Balances

Eric Moore
604B Rountree St.
Wilson, NC 27896



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