Friday, September 6, 2019

End of Summer Art Walk tonight in Bakersville

More details from Andy Palmer on tonight's Art Walk in Bakersville:

Hey Folks - So, this is Bakersville 'End of Summer' Art Walk. Silvia's in the kitchen making focaccia, mini-frittata's, and all sorts of Italian snacks right now for the event (and I'm on the couch drinking coffee).

Our friend Steve Loucks will be having an exhibition of his work at In Tandem Gallery AND he and his wife, Lynnette Hesser will be there to visit and answer any questions you might have etc... They're really an absolutely lovely couple! Steve's work has been in a ton of books and magazines, plus he's just recently written a book of his own on glazes that he's created and how they work and how to apply and fire and all sorts of things about the processes. So, if you have any technical questions - or not so technical - he's a great teacher and can explain anything you'd like to know.

And as always, Mica, Anita's Atelier, Bowditch Antiques & Collectibles, Southern Ridge Cafe,... will help celebrate with AMAZING food and art and cool things to see and great people to visit with and just a fun and relaxing evening for everyone! You'll love it - Promise!

So, tonight, Friday, September 6th, from 4-7 in Bakersville; a nice event for all.

(Image from the Bakersville, NC facebook page)

More on tonights Art Walk here:

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