Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All studio equip must go

Mary Mikkelsen and I are on the move and are selling our studio equipment.  For a list please email me at mikpotry@gmail.com

Sample: Axner Super Kiln, 10 cu ft & in very good condition, Bailey ware carts with shelves, glaze powders {lots of Spodumene, Cornwall Stone--these are vintage materials}, sturdy plywood work tables.  Lots of equipment at great prices.

All must go this month.  We will have a price for the lot and for individual items.

Henry Pop & Mary Mikkelsen
mikpo pottery


John Britt said...

Henry, If you post the list you will get more people to reply.

Where are you headed? Did you sell the house?

Diane Puckett said...

They have some terrific equipment for sale. If I had more space, I would buy it all. And Tess, the cat who wandered into their place, also needs a home ASAP. Tess is beautiful, about nine months old, spayed, and indoor/outdoor. I hear she loves laps.