Friday, December 21, 2012

"I can get it for you wholesale ..."

Wonderous Solstice to you clay people.
I really like people made out of clay!

Any tips on wholesale kilns?

I received a Regional Artist Project Grant to purchase a SKUTT KM1018 with 3 inch bricks. I have been shopping around for awhile.

Any body have any info. to help me pursue a "wholesale" kiln? Best deal I could get from Highwater is 20% off.

I am also open to a used kiln. I need to go either KM1018 or KM1022 (with 3 inch bricks).

The SKUTT KM1027 is not the right size for my needs.
(As far as I know, the top ring of the 1027 cannot be removed.)
If I am wrong, please tell me.

Gracias from Gluckin


mikpo said...

Try Bennett Pottery Equipment

John Britt said...

How about Ellengogen?

Sarah-potterknitter said...

agree on Bennett, they had the very best prices around whenever I've looked

Ron said...

I'll chime in here and
recommend Bennett as well. Best price all around even with shipping.

Amy said...

Yes, Bennett. I purchased mine from them and got an additional discount for paying by check. :)

Gluck said...

Wow. Thanks. I was leaning toward clay-king in Spartanburg. Need to check out Bennett. Never even heard of it! Time to google. Thanks for the leads.