Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wood Kiln Project

Wood Kiln drawing

Dear Friends,

As some of you know, I grew up, and now work at an educational non for profit and intentional community called the Rochester Folk Art Guild, which is located in western, upstate New York.

The mission of the Guild marries the commitments of its residents, members and participants to engage in traditions of artisan crafts and agriculture; and to strive together to be creative makers considerate of our surroundings. A diverse group of individuals, we dedicate our endeavors to fostering the growth and possibilities that arise from challenging, teaching and learning from each other. In practicing and sharing our skills and knowledge we cultivate a tangible sense of community both for ourselves and within the larger network of artists, farmers and craftspeople who we work alongside and host at our farm.

Ceramics has always been a predominant craft at the Guild, and the pottery studio, akin to any of the shops here, is a gathering place for artists of all experience levels to engage in a creative process that is wholly informed by the materials of our environment. We forge unique, handmade practical wares, process clay from our own pond and now....
we aim to build and incorporate a fast firing, efficient wood fire kiln into our studio!

Through the fund raising platform of, we NEED to raise $21,000 by July 24th!

This project is multifaceted in its educational potential, and we truly believe it will be an enriching addition to our community. In its essence, the kiln will seamlessly align our efforts as artists and hopeful homesteaders, but we need help in making this necessary dream a reality!

Please, I am writing not only to ask for your time to consider our project but to spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested in our aspirations. As someone who has and continues to benefit, firsthand, from the nurturing of this institution, I hope that the Guild will sustain itself in the future as a venue for artists, gardeners, and craftspeople to work together. Regardless of the outcome of our campaign, it is just as important to my heart that others engaged in the arts and working towards sustainable practices may be reached by our efforts-- growing and strengthening the community we are all a part of.

Thank you so much for your care and support,

To see our kickstarter page, watch our project video and read more about the kiln (and the wonderful "thank yous" for those who are able to contribute) visit:

To read more about the Guild, its history and current happenings visit:

Thank you again! Please don't hesitate to pass this forward! It'll mean the world to me,
with sincerity and best wishes,

Gabe Schliffer

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