Thursday, January 9, 2014

Clay Olympics 2014

This is "American Gothic with Disaproving Gaze".

Here was one of many images from last nights Clay Olympics. I will post more when I get caught up. Got some videos loading now.

But wanted to thank all our sponsors because it was a total team effort.

First I wanted to thanks Gabriel Kline at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts for providing us space and lots of food and wine.  Check out their new class schedule. 

Also wanted to thank Brian McCarthy who donate all the Raku clay from Highwater Clays in Asheville,

Then I wanted to thank Mellie Mae Lonnemann who was our organizer and one of the main reasons we did this last year and was a great help this year!!

And I want to thank Rob Withrow (Face Jug Man) who made many of the jugs that we used and brought clay for us.

Then I wanted to thank Dr. Tish and Melissa who couldn't make it because of work commitments but provided out 6ea. 1st place - $100 prizes which were gift certificate from Highwater this year. We really appreciated their support which made all the other prizes possible since we never thought of giving prizes until they stepped forward. We thought potters would do it just for the "satisifaction" . Potters live on "satisfaction".

And then we crowed source the remaining $450 in prizes (2nd - $50 and 3rd - $25) from the following:

Bruce Ciske,

JannWelch and ARTsCENTERED in Bakersville NC

John Hartom and Empty Bowls (Imagine Render)

Terry Gess and Haywood Community College

Emily Reason,

Amy Waller,

Lee Wolfe,

Marian Parkes,

Tracy Hicks,

Ellen Mulligan,

Scot Cameron-Bell,

Linda McFarling,

Nelle Pingree

Rachael Smith,

Rebecca Ayers,

If I missed anyone please let me know.

Also, as you all know I have a problem with remembering names so if I forgot anyone's name last night- pleas forgive me.  Nothing personal I just can't remember names until about 4 hours later. Weird disability.

And if anyone can remember who won what prize let me know. I lost the paper in the massive clean-up

Oh and thanks for cleaning up so well!!

Videos and photos coming soon!!

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