Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Red Sky Gallery Closing in Charlotte NC SALE!!!!!!

Happy New Year! Hope all is  well with you.

Unfortunately, Red Sky Gallery is closing in Charlotte due to the slow economy over the past few years.

Kellie Scott and Heather Andreas are selling everything in the store which includes:

Stools – some wooden, some with metal legs black seats- all in excellent condiditon
Tables they used for display-some glass top round ones, some wooden
Check out desk
Display shelves – some large and some smaller all in wonderful condition
Wire storage shelves
Black and Decker storage plastic cabinet- (1 or 2)
Lots of jewelry displays-some black velvet for necklaces, earrings, bracelets , one or more locking jewelry displays
Wire card racks
And more, much more…

Kellie is ready to deal and must sell all of it.

Contact Kellie Scott at 704-377-6400 or e-mail her at

The gallery is located at 1523 Elizabeth Avenue Suite 120 Charlotte, NC 28204

You may want to go take a look at what is there and talk to Kellie.

There are some great buys to be found here and I told her that I thought a lot of potters would be interested in many things she has. Everything I saw was in great condition and will sell fast so call soon or it will be gone.
This is the first time she has let the public know of the display items for sale.            

Sylvia Coppola


Michael Kline said...

This is sad news!

Michael Kline said...

This is too bad. I know that this gallery has made a vital contribution to raising the awareness of awesome pottery to the Charlotte community.

John Britt said...

Michael, we missed you at the Clay Olympics!