Thursday, March 26, 2009


Yo Clubbers,

We are thinking of having a demo by Susan Faegan's of her wonderful techniques (if she is available??) and a slide show by one of the current instructor's at Penland (Gregory).

If anyone has any is the time. Don't just sit there ---say something.

I was going to have it at my studio, here in the wet Mitchell County, unless someone else wants to host it?????

(John Ferlazzo is recovering from an injury so perhaps he will host in May or June.)

Also, on the food, I thought of having PIZZA since we had to smell pizza for the entire drive to Emily's and then it got swooped up before we had any!

I think people like pizza.

What do you think???

PIZZA COOK-OFF?? Prize ?? A Cynthia Bringle Pot?? (Better ask Cynthia)


John Britt


Michael Kline said...

Yes to Susan, Yes to pizza, yes to your pottery, yes to you!

call me agreeable?


Kyle Carpenter said...

I'll be at NCECA during the next meeting. Maybe everyone can have drinks with me via webcam. I'll be sure to include some celebrity ceramicists in the background. Too bad we don't have any Clay Club marketing material for the big table at NCECA. Oh well, have fun at the next meeting.

Katey Schultz said...

yo john - clay club at your studio sounds great. pizza is effectively a vehicle for every food allergy i have, but i'll bring a side dish and nibble on toppings. :-) what date and time again? ~katey

Gluck said...
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Gluck said...

I say yowza bowza.
Love watching Susan Feagin do her thing!
Pizza is yum.
I will bring some greens as in sah-lahde.
Pizza wants to be eaten with fresh greens piled on it ... it's a personal thing, but I think you all will agree. Space wise ... John Britt Pottery sounds terrifc. Looking forward to the day when I have space to offer.

Clay Club said...

Word to your mutha- Greogory and Pizza! 'Cept, I think Susan will be at NCECA.