Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Cone 6 Reduction Workshop at Mud Fire in Atlanta

Just wanted to announce that I will be giving a glaze workshop at Mud Fire in Atlanta June 12 -14, 2009.

(This image is a carbon trap pot from the last workshop there which was made by Vantuil Varges.)

John Britt Workshop
Reduction Firing and Ceramic Glazes

John Britt will lead this overview of ceramic glazes and glaze materials, including a Cone 6 reduction firing. Participants will glaze their own bisque pots, review the results of the firing, and learn about glazing and firing through discussion and slides. Many reduction glazes will be available including shino, tenmoku, celadon, copper red, and others.

The workshop will cover characteristics of ceramic oxides and their sources, firing dynamics and principles, and practical application of this information to specific firing cycles. John will loosely follow the format of his new book "The Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes." The workshop will also include a discussion of the differences between Cone 10 and Cone 6 reduction, and choosing between these firing options.

Class size 20.

For registration or more information contact Erik or Luba:



Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

Bummer! That's the weekend of the TRAC Tour!

John Britt said...

Yes, and that is why I can't do it.

ronan peterson said...

good luck john! im teaching a cone 6 reduction class at claymakers in durham. ill let you know what we come up with, we have 20 or so oxidation glazes and 15 or so high fire reduction glazes im going to play around with. let me know if you find anything good. also, firing a cone 6 soda this weekend, how'd yalls firings go?

John Britt said...


I will send you our list.

Haven't done the cone 6 soda yet but we will and will let you know,