Thursday, March 12, 2009

Clay Club Report

We had a great clay club once again, thanks to Emily Reason and her special guests: Linda McFarling, Michael Kline and Shane Mickey.

Everyone participated in the critiques of some brave potters who brought work. ( Courtney, Louise, Susan, Tria, Lynda, Kari, etc.) I thought is was both helpful to the participants and those who watched. Everyone chimed in with their varied opinions but it seemed everyone went away with some constructive advice.

Next meeting is April 8, 2009 and we will have to determine the topic and food choice. Perhaps this one will be back in good ole Mitchell County ...which is now soaking WET! And not from the rain.

John Britt


Mike said...

John - Next time I come up for a workshop we need to go drinking one evening! In downtown Spruce Creek!

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

I truly appreciate all the constuctive critcism I received. I've been out of school and working on my own for a dozen years and was eager for some professional and aesthetic input. I was glad that everyone was not only civil, but downright kind. I took notes and am excited to try out some new ideas in the studio. Thank you so much!

Nelle Fastman Pingree said...

The meeting was a real communal experience and I appreciate anyone allowing me to call myself a potter.

Kari - the website you should look at is

Mike - Any pictures of the workshop that are not on your blog that I might want for mine?

Emily - Thanks for your hospitality.

Clay Club said...

You Mitchell County folks are acting like a college kid who just got his fake ID.
I'm glad we tried out critiquing. Thanks for coming out and thanks for those who brought work to look at & food to eat. I've heard suggestions for how to make critiquing more effective. Anyone want to share their suggestions?
I like the range of folks/ experience we had, but I do feel crits could be less inhibited in smaller groups. Just my opinion, anyone else?
Maybe we could do it Bianually/ Quarterly to be more of an event with more work to look at?

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...
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Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

I agree that smaller groups might work better. It would easier for those commenting to get a closer look at the work. We all wanted a close look at Susan's pot and passing it around took a while. I'm not sure how inhibited folks were. I definitely heard some helpful remarks from folks I just met that evening. Emily, did you feel unable to speak freely with so many people?

Katey Schultz said...

hey john

i'd really like to come to the next clay club meeting on 4/8 - if writers are allowed. i think it would help me understand more about hot potters thing, which is crucial to my work as it is. i'll keep checking this site but let me know, k?


Nelle Fastman Pingree said...

John - I think two group would allow for enough opinions to make it interesting and to include a variety of levels of experience. I a group is too small, you don't get the new eye and the experienced eye. I think both perspectives are valid.

Oh, by the way, April 8th is the first night of Passover. I'll check back for May's date.