Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Digital Photo Class

Joy and I spent some time setting up the Digital Photo Studio at my place as we get ready for the two Digital Photography Classes coming up. Should be a lot of fun.

The quality is going to be high because of Joy Tanner's presence!
John (white balance) Britt


Nelle Fastman Pingree said...

Can't wait. Do we need to bring cameras? Or is that a really silly question? (I'm full of them).

Nelle Fastman Pingree

John Britt said...


I'm going to send a reminder next week, but yes bring your camera and manual. Can't guarantee we can get good pictures from it?? What kind is it?


I may not answer as I am going to a workshop in Wyoming.

Nelle Fastman Pingree said...

I don't actually have one, at the moment, so...I was kind of hoping the type would be discussed at the workshop so I could make an informed decision about purchase.

Make nice oil spots in WY.


Blackberry said...

Do we need to get a tripod for our camera?