Monday, February 22, 2010

Baymore Shino 筱釉

Cone 10 Reduction

28.00 Nepheline Syenite (400m)
25.00 Nepheline Syenite (270m)
12.30 F-4 Feldspar
16.50 Kentucky Ball Clay
12.00 EPK Kaolin
5.00 Soda Ash
1.00 Redart
1.00 Bentonite


Paulette said...

Yummy creamy shino - any hints on how it likes to be fired?

John Britt said...

Well, you know shinos. Every firing they can look different, but this one was a standard reduction R1 in my book. Started at 010 and held to cone 10.

mudheartpottery said...

This result is very similar to how my shino works over local bauxite. The shino also contains local kaolin which lies under the bauxite layers and below the water table in the wet season. I just love using the shino in all thicknesses and with lots of glaze combinations - all reduction fired to cone10 with 1 hour soak.

John Britt said...

Mudheart, Where do you live?

Lori Buff said...

Very nice, I love the way it looks beads like rain on a window.

ronan kyle peterson said...

strong ass shino, ripped the tile in half! gonna test this in cone 6 reduction...we are getting awesome results with shinos, temokus and even blue celadons at claymakers. teaching a cone 6 reduction class now, we are firing 2 more times, will let you know how they go. we added some frit to shino recipes (blashpemy!) to getting a little more melt. we used 3110 cause it looked like a higher sodium content, trying to get more carbon trapping...mediocre ct in our last firing...will try holding reduction throughout...we started at 012, but may have reoxidized later. thoughts? (sorry for the crazy stream of unconsciousness)

John Britt said...


I haven't had much luck except with Malcolm's shino and Cherry Blossom and John's Shino. They are all carbon trap so the soda ash is doing all the work.

The workshop at Richland College was nice because they did not want to replicate cone 10 shinos but rather explore cone 6 reduction. That way we did not have to over reduce and got great colors and nice reds.

If you need recipes let me know,