Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gold Shino

Here were some nice tiles out of the Gulf Coast Clay Conference Anagama firing.

Cone 10 Reduction
40.00 Nepheline Syenite
10.00 NC-4 Feldspar
13.00 Spodumene
13.00 Kentucky Ball Clay
7.00 Redart
10.00 EPK Kaolin
7.00 Soda Ash

John Britt


Carolanne said...

Very nice John! Is this the same gold shino recipe that you used on the piece in your Feb 9 posting? Was the Feb 9 shino piece fired gas reduction?

John Britt said...


John Britt said...

Wait, that was Gold Button .

Let me find the recipe.

Marian said...

What are the two dark clays?

John Britt said...

The clays are Helios, Hestia and Orangestone but that was in a 5 day Anagama firing!