Friday, February 19, 2010

Photo Shop Ins and Outs for the Artist & Craftsperson

Chris McKee, UNCA Design Professor, and my homie, has offered to give a question & answer workshop on using Photoshop for documenting and promoting your work in the best possible light. He'll clarify how to use the program for these applications correctly & efficiently.

This is NOT a basics tutorial of Photoshop. Please email me ASAP (Emily: if you're interested in participating & be sure to include in your email specific questions you'd like Chris to address. Having a few of your key concerns to address will help Chris prepare for the workshop.
We're tentatively scheduling the workshop for Tues evening, March 23 in Marshall. If the date changes I'll post an update.

Chris McKee received his MFA in electronic visualization with an emphasis in three dimensional animation from Mississippi State University and a BFA in visual communication from Auburn University. McKee's current work concentrates on the experimental exploration into the world of non symbolic animation and the linear compositions that control them. Imagery produced is completely digital through the use of particle systems within Maya. His animations have been screened nationally and internationally. McKee teaches animation and print graphics in Multi Media Arts and Sciences at the university of North Carolina-Asheville.