Thursday, April 9, 2009

Clay Club Report

Yo Clubbers,

Had a great meeting with about 35 people where we had a pizza party and Dr. Carroll won the pizza making contest, followed closely by Joy Tanner. Had plenty of food this time, thanks to Linda McFarling and Pizza Hut!

(The best news is that the Pizza Hut Pizza did not win the best tasting pizza.)

Anyway, Gregory Miller who is one of the instructors at the Penland Spring Concentration, came down to give a slide show on Mashiko/Hamada/and his residency. It was really informative and interesting.

Did I mention that Terry Gess made a surprise appearance!

Hopefully, we can find a person to host the next Clay Club because I will be just getting back from Korea on May 6, 2009, and can't do it. The only request is for a demo by someone and perhaps another critique.

Any takers??

John is hosting a Monster Clay Club, June 10 with a live bluegrass band at his new Gazabo. Then Sarah House wants to host the July meeting.

Let me know,
John Britt


Mark Peters said...

I can maybe do it. What's the date?

John Britt said...

Sounds good, email me