Friday, April 24, 2009

Representin' NC, the place to be.

Susan Feagin holding up the Penland Booth at NCECA, Phoenix 2009


Art Department Store said...

This has to be the funnest thing ever.

Michael Kline said...

This is not an easy task, holding up the booth, when there are so many exciting things to do at the conference. It's through her sheer determination and the steel nerves of a lion tamer that make Susan the force of nature that she is!

Michael Kline said...
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Art Department Store said...

I have to learn to self edit (one day--I am so duh).

When I say funnest
that is the most extreme form of fun--thus, the concept that Susan is the arm of Penland and tells the world that it is the mecca for all things creative is the
fun-nest (most insanely brilliant) way of promoting this bit of heaven. Someday i will learn that when i type things into the computer people are not sitting in my living room and asking me what in the heck i am blabbing on about...sheesh i am wack

Art Department Store said...

I am glad she is not driving back to Maconga tomorrow. I cannot imagine being the Guru de la Clay at Penland. It totally has to be one of the most constant jobs you can do!!! I am sure everybody wants a little bit of everything all the time. The reason Susan's brain is so big is that she is fortified with cheese sandwiches.