Monday, April 27, 2009

"Same View Different Window" Ceramics by Rob Pulleyn/Jewelry by Deb Karash

Artist Reception: Saturday May 2nd 6:00 PM

Location: Crimson Laurel Gallery
Bakersville, NC. 28705

Crimson Laurel Gallery proudly presents new work from artists Rob Pulleyn and Deb Karash. This unique and inspiring mix of ceramics and jewelry is the first dual artist exhibition to emanate from the historic Marshall High Studios, Marshall, NC.

"Same View" - Artist Rob Pulleyn and Deb Karash create work with a shared appreciation of rich surface and elegant form. Each artist uses multiple layers of color to create deep transparent hues of color. Rob uses high fire clays decorated with multiple layers of under glazes, stains and oxides. This means most of his pieces are fired many times. The surfaces are manipulated both before and after they are fired. Deb uses sterling silver, copper and prisma color (colored pencil) to create her nationally recognized art jewelry with a distinctive look. The copper is textured and treated to hold the multiple layers of rich color. Brass rivets and sterling tubes hold the components together creating a dimensional and wearable masterpiece.

"Different Window" - The historic Marshall High Studios in downtown Marshall, NC. house these two artists in separate studios in the massive refurbished old high school building. The close proximity of these two under the same roof has helped create a close friendship while allowing the them to influence each others work. Two of the pieces on exhibit are collaborative works that include both ceramic and metal elements. Others include jewelry forms that pay homage to Pulleyn's forms along side clay vessels adorned with Karash's surface elements. The show is truly a collaboration between friends.

Please Join us for an artist reception Saturday May 2nd at 6:00PM at Crimson Laurel Gallery, Bakersville, NC. The show will also be available to view online the morning of the opening at Running time for the exhibition is May 2nd - June 27th.

David Trophia
Crimson Laurel Gallery


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