Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I need a home!

How can you resist this sweet face or those ears? This cute little dog was abandoned on my road last week and is still hanging around all skin and bones. I couldn't help but give in and feed him the past few days, but he needs a loving home. For a stray, he's surprisingly very gentle, affectionate and a nice small size. He'd be a great studio dog...he just needs some lovin'

Any kind souls out there?

Let me know if you're interested, I'll have to take him in to the animal shelter soon.
email: joy (at) joytannerpottery (dot) com


Mike said...

If you don't find a home for him PLEASE contact the Humane Society or a rescue organization. These groups are 'no-kills' unlike the shelter. Thanks.

Joy Tanner said...

I will definitely do that, don't worry. I'd rather hold onto him than take him somewhere where they're just going to put him down. I have a rescue dog myself and I'm sure he'd make someone happy!

Becky said...

Sure wish I could take him. He looks like a sibling to our Spanky. Beautiful beautiful pup. He's lucky you found him and re willing to foster him.