Saturday, May 30, 2009

Buying a Wheel

I am investing in a wheel an I am looking for a show of hands. Thomas/Skutt Legend w/ssx drive, 2 year warranty or a Brent C w/ssx drive and 10 year warranty? Which is the better wheel?

Nelle Fastman Pingree


June Perry said...

I've always been happy with my Brents. They're low maintenance and are real work horses.

John Britt said...

I have a Brent CxC and have had it for 23 years. But those Thomas Stuarts look nice!

I think either one will be great.

Sarah-potterknitter said...

I've got two Brent Bs. One is older than I am and the other is probably 25+. Even those small models are fantastic and I've never done a thing to them in the 10 years I've had them.

Oy Clay !!! Pottery said...

Brent 3 - Thomas Stuart 0

Anyone else? This is really helpful. I've tried both of them and like the feel of them both and they are about the same price.

rox said...

I have a Brent CXC and have had it for 33 years; a production potter owned it a few years before I did. It needed a new fuse and a belt a year or so ago. That is all that has ever needed work. High maintenance?

This one sure has been a work horse for me. I would love ANY of the others too probably!