Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What da?

I've got a Skutt model 1027 Kilnmaster electric kiln with a strange problem.
The delay function doesn't actually delay. In other words if I program in a firing and delay the start of it for a few hours, the screen clock will count back the hours, yet the kiln is clicking on and getting hot- not delaying the start of the firing.
Has anyone out there encountered such a situation?
Skutt advised I send the circuit board to the circuit board manufacturer for repair, which i'll do, but first I thought I'd see if anyone else have ever had this issue.
Thanks y'all


Naomi Cleary said...

sure you are not using the preheat function instead of the delay function?

Clay Club said...

Yes, i'm quite sure. Skutt already grilled me to make sure the mistake wasn't me not knwing how to use the function.

jimgottuso said...

is the kiln always plugged in... just a thought but i had a problem once and i shut off the electricity at the fuse box, waited a bit and turned it back on... kinda like rebooting a computer. i know it's a longshot but doesn't take any time or money... good luck

John Britt said...


Is one of the relays stuck? I don't think that will make the all the elements go on but it could make one go on.??

John (getting back)

Clay Club said...

Thanks y'all. I got on the horn with skutt & the circuit board co. The issue is preplexing to us all. I sent it of to the techies.