Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Show & Tell: Sink or Swim

I thought it might be fun to do a little show and tell segment here on our blog.

This week i've been working on vessels sinks for the DIY Network's Blog Cabin that's being constructed here in Madison County. It's not log, nor is it of cabin proportions by any means. It's more like a big house. They've asked a few local yocals to furnish some handmade details. This is my first attempt at making a sink. It's about 8.5" tall and 17" wide. Sinks need to be a lot bigger than I initially anticipated.
I've also been making porcelain drawer pulls.
It's been a welcomed change of pace to work on these pieces. I'm looking forward to expanding my home accent repertoire into lamps and maybe even commodes ;)
What chy'all been working on? Anyone else want to show and tell?


Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

After seeing a sink at the TRAC Tour show, my hub wants me to make a sink for our bathroom. I reminded him of my less than stellar throwing skills but at least it would fit in with this crazy house! The drawer pulls look cool. I've never thought about making those.
Congrats on being asked to make some work for the cabin. Is this one of those give-away homes?

John Britt said...


That bowl has a hole in it!