Sunday, May 31, 2009


As far as what we learned in the class...other than testing is that chrome will produce a variety of colors in varous bases.

Here are three colors, all are with 0.5% chrome.

So the first is a magnesium oxide dominated base, the second is a sodium dominated base, and the third is a ...I think it is a boron, lithium and 10% titanium so it is hard to say.

But either way a dramatic color variation.

More later....

John Britt


June Perry said...

Chrome and zinc usually give brown, so maybe there's zinc in that far right tile.

Linda Starr said...

Nice results for all three combos

Art Department Store said...

this is some nice success

Lee said...

Ding..Ding..Ding! You are correct, John.

Per the spreadsheet it has gerstley borate, lithium carb, and titanium.

Nice photo.

marystarosta said...

Thanks for Sharing. That's awesome!