Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December Clay Club Report

Yo Clubbers,

Had a great time at John's Fun House! He is always the best host. He even had a Hostess who was working to make sure we were all happy.

We did get a bunch of ideas for future Clay Clubs which I will list below. Anyone who wants to host a meeting and pick a topic...let me know and we will get you on the schedule.

The January 13, 2010 meeting is tentatively scheduled at Cynthia Bringle's Studio.
The February 10, 2010 meeting is scheduled for Penland and Susan Feagan will host and the topic will be making cups for the Penland Auction. But anyone can come and just socialize and have fun watching other work.

1. Critiques: Ways to make the critique go better--one piece, invite people to come so we have more victims, have people bring stuff they are working on and are having trouble with/ ideas in progress.
2. Energy Xchange
3. Dance Party/ Mixer
4. Barbecue competition (perhaps at John's in June??) So John can get another port-a-potty.

5. Demos, How to, make brushes, and tools. Tool sharing tips.
6. How to approach gallery's/marketing. How to approach magazines, make successful webpages. ETSY sales, zapplication, etc.
7. Game Party
8. Empty Bowls at John Hartom's
9. Plaster demo (Tom Spleth?)
10. Materials and where to get them cheap.

So those are the wonderful ideas which should last us through the year. Anyone who wants to host should contact me or Emily so we can get the schedule together. The more the better!



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