Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hikidashi Shino

Here is another tea bowl pulled at cone 6 from the kiln, raku style.

The funny thing about this is that when I wrote the article on cone 6 reduction firing, everyone wanted a cone 6 shino........well....... as always...there is nothing new under the sun!

Hikidashi shino is a cone 6 shino!

Best wishes this Holiday season!

John Britt

3 comments: said...

This is the coolest thing ever!!!! Since I am doing so much Raku this looks like a bunch of fun. Is it functional?

John Britt said...


I am sure it is as functional as the clay body you use. So I have used a cone 10 claybody (Orangestone) and essentially fired it to cone 6. I am sure it is underfired, meaning 4 -5% absorption or so. But if you use a cone 6 claybody then it would have reached peak temperature.

You just need to have a body that can withstand the thermal shock, just like a raku body, with a lot of grog.

Lori Buff said...

That is really beautiful. I wonder what it would do if it was left to cool in the kiln after being fired to cone 6.