Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pottery Liquidation Sale

Ian Meares is selling a lot of stuff. He lives in upstate NY but will be traveling through NC for the Christmas holidays. If you have any questions contact him at:

ian meares <>

Ian’s Home and Studio Liquidation sale:

If you want materials please know that I am looking to sell the whole lot of each item so no small amounts please, every thing is reduced from the market price.

Ceramic Materials--

$.30/lb Grog 12-20 mesh 3 bags (150 lb) + 35lbs (in a bucket)
$.75/lb Bentolite “L” 50 lbs in broken out into 2x25 buckets
$2.52/lb Strontium Carbonate Chinese 30lbs in a bucket
$15/lb Deep Crimson Mason Stain 6006 19 lb
4.35/lb Yellow Iron ox- Ferrit synthetic Iron 15lbs
$.40/lb Newman Red 1 bag (50 lb)
$.34/lb Mudux 1 bag (50 lb)
$.22/lb Black Stone ware (Jamaican Blend) 3 boxes (150 lb)
$.26/lb Black Sculpture Body (Black Mountain) 3 boxes (150 lb)

Work Tables--
$25 19x15x27 Sturdy rolling work stand/table
$38 28x12x27 Sturdy rolling work stand/table
$30 20x15x27 Metal expanding typewriter stand

Upholstery Foam--
$20 Slab 36x22x4
$35 Role 75x24x2

I have more pieces that are odd sized and some have also been used in the ceramics studio that are available.

$200 28 position Aluminum ladder
$10 Fluorescent light 4ft 2x
$5 Large clamp lamps with porcelain back 3x
$5 Wooden deckchair (US HARVEST 5034-I4)
$100 Mattress and Box spring (queen)
$ 50 AIWA XR-X7 book shelf stereo

$1700 DEAN Mountain Bike Colonel 22’ Hard tale 1999 (Ti MTB) 22" DEAN Colonel 1999
It has all its full and original components (XT package)
I have ridden it maybe 60 miles. Otherwise it has been in a garage or an apt all its life, it is in great condition.I have striped most of the badges off of it and affixed a few respecters on the fork shoxs and the chain stay it has a clean and minimal look.
It has just been tuned up. DEAN is a Colorado based manufacture of hand made bicycles.
Contact me if you are interested and I will send you images of it.

Art Work-- I have an inventory of my own work from the past 10 years including some of my most recent works

General Studio Supplies-- I have a variety of tools, brushes, buckets, containers, roles of paper that are also available.

And much more that I probably have and that you will have to come and see, just let me know what you are interested in.

Ian Meares
ian meares <>

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Gluck said...

yo ian.
what's up?
my ears perked and my breath changed.
re: yo stuff. I would be interested in some stuff. Perhaps better to e-mail you privately?
miss your face.