Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Voorhees Snow Firing

A Snow Firing

The snow firing of my new wood-fired kiln went well with a Christmas Day opening surrounded by my family. Our official opening happened on Sunday, Dec. 27 when I could gather many of the folks who helped me build and fill the new kiln. Results were better than expected! While I didn't get many pots made for the first firing there were over a dozen potters who had work in it to get it started on the right track. Speaking of tracks, the car released well with only minor opening problems. I have a list of modifications to tackle before our second firing late in February. It will take a few firings to get the hang of using the bourry style fire box to its best advantage and to properly prepare wood for it. My hope is that we can shorten the firing time and even out the temperature a bit. For a full web album of the construction and firing of the kiln go to:

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Dennis Allen said...

Great series of pictures.Thanks for posting them.