Saturday, December 26, 2009

Wake Up Call

Woke up to this guy pecking at the studio door.

He must have been seeing his reflection in the window and started attacking it.

He may need some counseling because then he would be able accept his ugliness and see himself in a more compassionate way and stop beating himself up!
(Invoice: $100.00
Benefits; Priceless )

John Britt


Carolanne said...

Maybe he wanted to come in for dinner.

Joy Tanner said...

he was wanting some of that corn he's gotten used to you feeding him!

are ya sleepin at the studio these days??

June Perry said...

We have two flocks of wild turkeys at our place in Oregon and they did the same thing. Feed him. It's Christmas! :-)

John Britt said...

I did feed him.

Did you know, the guy at the Gateway Market told me, that they sell 70 tons of deer corn at that one store!

Somebody is getting used to corn!

We did just get back to the house yesterday.

Linda Starr said...

I think he is cute; I have two turkey feathers from the flock that used to come to our last place; careful feeding deer they will attack you when they have their young in the Spring; they start to become territorial - that happened to us when our neighbors were feeding the deer, one chased my husband on his tractor and one even ran up on our front porch trying to pummel our dog with its hooves. Our vet said he got lots of dogs who were killed by deer - apparently their hooves are lethal.

珊珊李 said...