Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hikidashi shino teabowl cone 6

After talking with Akira Satake ( during his show at Crimson Laurel gallery in Bakersville (,

I decided to try my hand at Hikidashi Shino, which means "pulled from the kiln".

As you can see below: This is a shino glazed tea bowl which was pulled, with metal tongs, from my kiln at about cone 6 (2200 F).

I set it on a brick and let it cool.

You can also see a photo of the door with the lintel brick spanning the 6 bricks which were removed during the firing.

John Britt


Jesse Lu said...

Wowza! I want to do that!

John Britt said...

Get on it girl!

Tony Ferguson said...

John, that's looking pretty yummy.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Love it!!!

I LOVE YOU said...
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