Thursday, December 17, 2009

Grind Date

I'm not happy about having to grind kiln shelves today, but I AM happy about my new power tool to get the job done right. Sometimes any excuse to buy a new tool is a good one... Merry Cristmas to me! And you too!


Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

*I* finally got a compressor when we decided we needed to refinish the basement. I'm afraid I need a new grinder too. Mine is caput and my last load was a doozy. Harbor Freight, here I come!

June Perry said...

My grinder is in good shape so I bought myself a new stereo system for the studio instead. :-)

By the way, I have a FREE MP3, like new, little player radio for whoever wants to come and pick it up. My new system plays MP3's, so I don't need it. It's only been used a couple of times and is a small unit, perfect for studio or to give to one of the kids.
Just email me or call me and I can hold it till you can pick it up.

Michael Kline said...
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Michael Kline said...

I hope it's from a reputable manufacturer! I had a real cheap one and it got to be a little dangerous, like it wouldn't turn off. Those guys have pretty high RPM's (40,000 I think) and can leave you hands a little numb if you hold for too long. Safety first.

This msg. brought to you by OSHA and Kline Pottery.


June Perry said...

Michael, it's made by "Durabrand". It play mp3 and regular cd. It's also a radio. Have no idea of the brand; but it works.

PS: I also have that electric kettle if you want it. I don't use it since I have hot water in the studio. Like the MP3 etc. player, it's like new and free for the taking.

John Britt said...

Wear the face shield!

Ken Sedberry can give you the story of the 40,000 rpm angle grinder exploding in his face.

John Britt said...


Could you put that Free MP3 player on the main page?

Or I could,


John Britt said...

Thanks June!