Monday, May 24, 2010

Big-Ass Roll of Bubble Wrap for Sale

I'm selling this Big-Ass (see mug for scale) roll of brand new bubble wrap at cost $74.30, 100ft x 2ft. I will happily deliver it to your Asheville studio, or meet you in a place that is convenient. Cash or check is accepted.
Serious inquirees only


Gluck said...

JUST sat down with Lindsay and the Robertson Packaging Supply catalogue. Bubble wrap is on my order list. How big are the bubbles?

Maybe I should buy yours? Gonna be in Asheville on June 1.

Why you sellin' your big-ass roll babe? Movin' on to a new size bubble? Movin' away from bubble wrap?

te quiero


Emily Reason said...

Yo Glucks
Had to buy bubble in a hurry and Piedmont Paper only sells a "bundle," which is 2 rolls. So I had no choice but to get 2 big-ass rolls. More than I wanted to spend & more than I need. trying to recoup some $. The bubbles are 3/16", i believe. Small, I like the size. Let me know. Will totally meet you in the Ville if u want it!