Monday, May 3, 2010

Tom Turner Porcelain cone 10

Someone was asking about Turner's Porcelain.
This was published in: 
"Contemporary Studio Porcelain" Peter Lane 2nd ed.
Tom Turner cone 10 Porcelain body A
38 Kaopaque
75 Tile -6 
12 OM-4
70 Silica
60 Custer Feldspar
4 Vee-gum
0.25 Epsom Salts
Tom Turner cone 10 Porcelain body B
75 Kaopaque
150 Tile -6 
25 OM-4
125 Silica
125 Custer Feldspar
10 Alumina Hydrate (150 mesh C-31)
8 Vee-gum
0.5 Epsom Salts

John Britt


tturner said...

"That is my old porcelain that I formulated back in the 70's, and not even close to my current new porcelain. Georgia Kaolin stopped making kaopaque-20 8 to 10 years ago. I really encourage people to try my newest porcelain from Standard Ceramic Supply. It is extremly user friendly, beginners will throw larger pots immediately, trims like butter, extremely white, very translucent, actually starts to go translucent at cone 6, very low shrinkage, and no problems reclaiming it. There is not another porcelain that does all that this porcelain does. The extra money is worth it(I make nothing), and figure what you get for a one pound mug and then ask "what is 20 cents a pound extra?" I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone might have.

John Britt said...

Thanks Tom. I know this is not your new porcelain and that Kaopaque is out of production. It is just good to show people different recipes so that they can learn what makes a claybody.