Thursday, May 13, 2010

Electric wheel for sale??

Hey Everyone,

First: One of my students in the Asheville area is in the market for a used electric wheel. Does anyone have one that they are looking to sell? If you do, just post a comment and I can connect you with her.

Second: while we are on the subject of purchasing used ceramic equipment, maybe we could have a little discussion about what we feel are reasonable asking prices for used wheels and kilns. We all know that buying used kilns comes with it's risks, and that each piece of equipment bought should be thoroughly considered. However, with reasonably new electric wheels (lets say, less than 8 years old), which do you feel is more important: age or use? Thoughts?


mikpo said...

Hi Lindsay - Wheels don't wear out, kilns do. There are soldner wheels and Brent wheels 30-odd years old and going strong. Bearings may need replacing and I had to continually replace the electronic control board in a Brent wheel, vulnerable to electric storms. They may have fixed the problem. But the action of different wheels, even of the same brand, can be wildly different.

Lindsay Rogers said...

Yep, I agree. I happen to have an old Brent wheel from about 1975 that still runs! It's as loud as an old refrigerator... but it works! Now, if I was trying to sell that one, I'm sure I couldn't get much for it (other than from selling it to an antique collector!). But what do you think would be a reasonable asking price for a wheel that is newer? 50% of retail? 60%? 70%? Just curious about that folks think about this.

ronan kyle peterson said...

lindsay, on the wheel question, i think use is much more of an issue than age...used wheel, 2 years old, for sale from a production pottery in seagrove vs. used wheel from weekend potter, 15 years old, im buying the weekend wheel. i feel like a wheel that seems to run smooth, level wheel head, good power for $500 or less is a steal...but it could stop tomorrow.

and by the way, atmospheric kilns wear out, electrics that have been kept dry = me using a 1973 model skutt, with minimal maintenance, switches, elements and the like, that i bought in 1997 for $400...sweet kiln

Anonymous said...

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