Monday, September 28, 2009

Back from Birding


Just had a great trip to Sandhills NC for a couple days of briding.

Saw a bunch of birds and a couple we have never seen, a brown headed nuthatch and a red cockaded woodpecker.

It was great fun and if you ever get to the area check it out. East of Charlotte and south of Seagrove, NC

Anyway they also have these long needle pines which are fantastic and I picked up some needles to make some cane type handles.

John Britt


Michael Kline said...

John, Sounds like a fun trip. I wanted to tell you that we have a long leaf pine next to our house. It's pretty cool. "Needless" to say, You're welcome to come by any time to get needles. I have a good friend who makes basket forms with the stuff. Basically she "bundles" the needles and wraps them in another material, can't remember what. Then as she is coming near the end of her bundle she adds more needles and continues to wrap. Check her work out here.

John Britt said...

Very nice,


Marian said...

John, a few years ago on a visit to Tamarack I saw these great pieces that were part pottery and part basketry. You might be able to do something like that with the pine needles. Somewhere I have some pictures... but, unfortunately, they may be on a deceased hard drive. If I can't find them, I'll try to describe the pieces when I see you next.

jrzehmer said...

Oh bad memories! I went there exactly a year ago this week to scope out some carnivorous plants and I wandered off the trails and caught the worst poison sumac I've ever had all up and down my legs! And I was wearing jeans! But of course it was my fault for going off the trail, but other than that it's a great place.

John Britt said...

Hey Jared,

I saw that they had carnivorous plants but never found any but then again no poison sumac!