Wednesday, September 30, 2009

yowza bowza boo! EnergyXchange sweeps The Bakersville Creekwalk -- Bakersville, NC

"we are fa-mi-ly ... da da da da da da da dah"

3rd Place - Lisa Gluckin* (clay)
2nd Place - Lindsay Rogers* (clay)
1st Place - Ian Kessler-Gowell* (glass)
Best In Show - Ross Edwards* (clay)

Middleton Emerging Artist Award - Lisa Gluckin*
Best Booth - Lindsay Rogers*

* current EnergyXchange residents

wish I had a photo of the Energy Exchange crew to post ...
maybe we will stage one later this week and post?

I don't know the "Honorable Mentions" and "People's Choice" results or I would share all. Anyone else have that info. to post?


John Britt said...

You guys are awesome or wait was your mom the juror?

Clay Club said...


Michael Kline said...

Super. I guess us old timer's have our work cut out for us!

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

You all ROCK!