Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bread Pan

Here is the secret to the bread recipe: this Cast Iron pan.

I got it at Walmart for about $40. You can probably find one cheaper at a thrift shop.

You heat the oven to 500F and then bake the bread for 1/2 an hour with the lid on and 1/2 an hour with the lid off.


June Perry said...

Very nice looking loaf John!

Joy Tanner said...

is that THE easy no knead recipe?

John Britt said...


Yes, that post was for you! An epic improvement. I saw it on You Tube. Just search for Easy Sourdough recipe. I also found, and have started, the the sourdough starter.

Will keep you posted.

June Perry said...

Just found the you tube video. I'm off to Walmart this later to see if I can buy one of those pots. The loaf in the video looked crisper than mine, with all the water spraying in the oven. I'm all for easy if it works!

John Britt said...


This is the best bread ever! And if you need any help...Joy has been making it for about a year.

And so have I, for the "Delicious Lunches" at the workshops.

Joy varies the flour and adds seeds.

June Perry said...

I already have my starter. I bought a NW starter on the Internet a while ago and have been using it to make sourdough bread the conventional way. Can't wait to try this. I can't knead or wedge now while my chest muscles heal, so this recipe is going to be great! It's so simple!

John Britt said...


Hope it works. I did not know you were ill?

cynthia said...

Looks great , I would be happy to have a sample .....

John said...


Tell you just stop on by some time with a nice bowl from your new firing and we can trade a bowl for some bread and water.

(That is excellent pay for a potter, by the way!)

June Perry said...

Not ill, just injured. Had a ball fall and tore some muscle tissues in my chest which are taking their good old time to heal.
I bought an iron pot at Walmart and just fed my starter, about a 1/2 hr ago, so I should have bread sometime tomorrow morning. Can't wait to try the recipe.
I opted for the round iron pot which is about 1/2" shorter than the one you have, but I don't think the loaf will rise more than that, plus there's a bit of extra space from the rounded lid.
Do you put corn meal in the bottom of the iron pot before you put the bread in, or grease the pot? I don't think the video addressed that.

John said...


No grease! The pan is already cured.

Corn Meal is a good idea but I have never tried it.

Let us know.

Cook it for the full hour as the inside needs to cook.

I acutally made a loaf and a half and that was a nice size, (that is 4.5 cups of bread flour)

June Perry said...

I'll try it the first time with just 3 cups of flour, since my pot is a bit shorter than yours. That way I can see just how high it will rise in this pot.
Since my accident, I let my starter go untended and I hope I haven't killed it. It is showing some bubbles but not as much as it should. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I should know in a few more hours if it's going to work.

John said...

June I never use the sourdough starter, just the 1/4 tsp. yeast.

Tony Ferguson said...

I have also decided to take up the quest for making artisan bread as well. I will begin here! Thanks John and all.