Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Walker Pugmill

Hello Everyone,

Up here at the Xchange we have an old Walker pugmill/mixer that is missing a motor. I believe it came from Penland. Does any one have any suggestions where i could find a replacement motor or even the original motor?

Thank you,



John Britt said...

Tracy Dotson may know?!

cynthia said...

Probably original was not good . Go to one of the machine shops ..

Babbo Natale said...

Hi there fellow clayheads,
I have 2 working Walkers in good and very good condition. I am located in sw Virginia. If Atom is still looking for a motor or motor/trans or if anyone would like to make me an offer on either or both, let me know. I have pictures of both units as well as pictures and info of the motor (make, model & type). Since I'm fairly close, I would consider delivering them to your locale.
I am going to Ebay these soon, so send responses to

Cathy Gifford said...

I am looking for a used pug mill to reclaim all this used clay in my studio. I live in the Newmarket area just about Toronto. If anyone knows someone selling one, please drop me a line

Thanks so much