Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Connecting and Sharing

Just in time, I fired my new tumbler trays in my little soda kiln and I dropped off this Carved Pitcher and Tumbler set with its very new carved tumbler tray at Crimson Laurel Gallery today for the upcoming "Connecting and Sharing" exhibit this weekend. This unique exhibits' roots begin with our local author and my good friend, Katey Schultz and her explorations of the swinging bridges here in Mitchell and Yancey counties in western North Carolina. The exhibit highlights Katey's new book, Lost Crossings, with photography by Shane Darwent. Alongside the writing and photography? Pottery goes quite well. Potters in the area have selected serving pieces that represent the ideas behind connecting and sharing; vessels that contain and share nourishment.

I happen to live right near one of the oldest of the 13 swinging bridges, the Honeycutt Bridge, right where Bad Creek spills into Rock Creek. It was the widest of the bridges built in order to accommodate a coffin that would be carried across the bridge to reach the cemetery across Rock Creek. It's really fun to walk across these old swaying bridges, check here for more pictures of the bridges on Katey's book website.

Don't miss the lecture about the 'behind the scenes' of these neat swinging bridges at 6 pm this Saturday, September 5, along with a chance for a book signing and to see the great photography and pottery!


Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Your Pitcher and Tumbler set is just gorgeous.

Clay Club said...

Nice photo, nice set! When are we ever going to trade?