Monday, November 28, 2011

Empty Bowls

As many of you know, CNN sent a reporter and a cameraman to the Empty Bowls studio last month. They spent a day interviewing us and filming Empty Bowls friends and supporters Paulus Berensohn, Cynthia Bringle, John Britt and Claudia Dunaway. They then visited and filmed the Dig In! Yancey Community Garden in Burnsville and spent the evening at the Empty Bowls dinner held to raise money for the Dig In garden. The event was great and very successful. CNN has now put a short piece from that day on their website. The link is in the body of the email from the reporter, Julie Hays. Hope you enjoy it.

Lisa and John


Terry Rorison said...

So you now have your 15 minutes of fame and also are associated with a good cause. Way to go! Think "retirement" is lurking around the corner?

John Britt said...

Next step live time achievement award -followed closely by death!