Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Waste Oil Burner for sale


This winter I plan to sell my complete waste oil burner set up, which
includes two burners, pumps, tanks, etc. Basically everything needed to
fire just about any size kiln to any temperature, with any kind of oil
including waste vegetable oil, motor oil, transmission fluid or even home
heating oil/diesel/kerosene.

It can burn solidified vegetable oil on the coldest day in winter.

I did about 200 firings to cone 11 with it and my business simply out grew
the need for it so I am switching back to gas. I still have quite a bit of
oil to burn before I can sell this set up so I am just putting the word out
here on clayart now to see how many responses I get. This would give
someone chance to come see it firing if they are seriously considering it
but want to see how it works.

Please use the contact form on my website if interested. there are pictures
of the burners there as well.



Nu-Way said...

Thanks for posting, it's not that often that oil burners like this come up for sale.

John Britt said...

You know it. Not sure how much but ...worth a look.

justdisassembled said...

Contacted him and he is asking 3,000 or so--probably fair given that he seems to have gone to the trouble of chasing down the bugs in the system. Looks to be based on a beckett burner. These have been popular fuel oil burners for conversion to WVO. Jon Faulkner has a simple design that doesnt require preheating--worth looking into for those DIYers out there.

John Britt said...

Thanks for the update Justin!

Mac said...

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